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The Health and Safety of Great Britain: Be Part of the Solution

CIBSE responded to a Health and Safety Executive has announced a consultation on its strategy on 2/3/09. Figures indicate that although the UK has one of the best H&S records in Europe, over the last five years the combined incidence of injury and ill health has plateaued, the actual figures have not altered in five years. In 2007/8, 229 workers were killed and 136 771 employees were seriously injured at their place of work. 2.1 million people were suffering from an illness reputedly caused or made worse by their current or past work.

The Strategy document can be accessed at . The CIC will be making a response but if there are sufficient responses from CIBSE members then CIBSE will make its own response as well as contributing to the CIC's industry wide response.

Broadly, the HSE's strategic goals are:

  • To reduce the number of work related injuries and cases of ill health;
  • To gain widespread commitment and recognition of what real health and safety is about;
  • To motivate all those in the health and safety system as to how they can contribute to an improved health and safety performance;
  • To ensure that those who fail in their health and safety duties are held to account.

HSE is committed to driving change for the better and believes that leadership must start at the top and that representative organizations are in a position to play a key role in driving health and safety improvements.