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Review of the Safe water in healthcare premises guidance

The Department of Health sought comments on proposed revisions to Part B (operational management) of its HTM 04-01 on ‘Safe water in healthcare premises'. The consultation closed on 29 January 2016.

Objectives of the consultation

Since the publication of HTM 04-01 Parts A & B in 2006 there has been a requirement to produce Health Technical Memorandum 04-01: Addendum 'Pseudomonas aeruginosa – advice for augmented care units' (2013). This document introduced the concept of Water Safety Groups and Water Safety Plans into healthcare guidance. The HSE’s recent revision of their legionella guidance carried forward this concept, which now needs to be integrated into the main HTM 04-01 guidance document. Since 2006, there have also been incidents related to water safety where deaths or serious injury have occurred. There is a requirement to learn from these incidents and the subsequent investigations by updating the guidance accordingly.

There have also been changes in regulations, standards, guidance, technology and materials that need to be acknowledged to ensure the guidance is brought up to date. In addition the guidance needs to be updated to take account of the challenges which will be presented by climate change in future years.

Supporting papers

To dowload the revised guidance please follow the link below.

CIBSE response

CIBSE submited comments on the draft guidance to the Department of Health (DoH) via online system.