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Implementation Proposals of the Carbon Reduction Commitment

CIBSE had responded to the consultation that had proposed measures to reduce carbon emissions in the large non-energy intensive business and public sectors which proposed a cap and trade scheme in large public and commercial buildings. CIBSE questioned the need for a new scheme when Energy Performance Certificates were already being developed. CIBSE called to keep energy the responsibility of building professionals - leading to the press release "Carbon Counting not Carbon Accounting". This current consultation was a follow-up on how the CRC would be implemented and that CIBSE had not responded.

CIBSE shared original views with BIFM and BPF and one of the main points raised was concern that there was no discernable connection between the plans for the CRC and energy performance certificates.  The basic building blocks could be utilized in establishing the CRC mechanisms. The BPF had arranged a meeting with DEFRA to which CIBSE was invited as the CIBSE view was complementary.

Following this meeting DEFRA produced a discussion document addressing some of the issues raised at the meeting.