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Enabling Electronic Communication of Building Control Documents

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This CLG Consultation which was published 1st October 2007 affects the whole of the UK. It forms part of the review of the building control system and proposed using the Electronic Communications Act 2000 to enable people to give and receive information to and from BCBs in electronic format using electronic signatures.
CIBSE Responded on the 2nd January and agreed that electronic submissions to and from building control would speed up the process but that individuals wishing to continue making paper submissions should be able to do so. CIBSE advised planning for information retrieval because developments in electronic storage move forward so rapidly. CIBSE identified an important omission in a table listing the types of submission that would be covered. There was provision for Part L calculations to be submitted but not an overall compliance statement - this is another example of the lack of understanding of what actually constitutes compliance with Part L. Finally, the proposals give each authority the freedom to design their own systems. CIBSE advised that systems should be as compatible as possible especially for those authorities in the early stages of e-enablement. This would assist developers working across the UK in establishing software communication that works in every area.