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EU Climate Change and Renewable Energy Package 2008

Download fact sheet for the UK produced by the EU

The EU is working to reduce the effects of climate change and establish a common energy policy. As part of this policy, European Heads of State or Government agreed in March 2007 on binding targets to increase the share of renewable energy. By 2020 renewable energy should account for 20% of the EU's final energy consumption (8,5% in 2005). To meet this common target, each Member State needs to increase its production and use of renewable energy in electricity, heating and cooling and transport. The UK share is 15% (up from 1.3% in 2005).

The EU released a package on climate change and renewable energy on 23rd January 2008. Key areas include:

  • A proposal for a Directive on Renewable Energy
  • Expansion of the Emissions Trading Scheme post 2012
  • A proposal relating to the sharing of efforts to meet the Community's independent greenhouse gas reduction commitment in sectors not covered by the EU emissions trading system (such as transport, buildings, services, smaller industrial installations, agriculture and waste)
  • A communication on CO2 Capture and Storage

We expect consultation on how the UK intends to meet this obligation. There are no responses required at present however if any member wishes to comment to the policy department your comments will be fed in to the process at the earliest possible time.

Download fact sheet for the UK produced by the EU