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Draft National Air Pollution Control Programme (NAPCP)

The Programme sets out how the UK will meet legally binding emission reduction commitments (ERCs) for 5 damaging pollutants: nitrogen oxides, ammonia, non-methane volatile organic compounds, particulate matter and sulphur dioxide. 

Objectives of the consultation

Under the National Emissions Ceiling Directive and the transposing domestic legislation, the National Emissions Ceiling Regulations (2018), the Secretary of State is required to prepare and publish a UK National Air Pollution Control Programme (NAPCP) by 1st April 2019. Subject to EU Exit negotiations the NAPCP must also be submitted to the EU Commission on this date.

As air quality is a devolved matter and the devolved administration have their own independent policies, the UK needs to work collaboratively with each administration to achieve its statutory objectives. The NAPCP is a UK wide document and sets out the proposed measures and technical analysis, which demonstrate how the legally binding 2020 and 2030 emission reduction commitments (ERCs) for 5 damaging pollutants (nitrogen oxides, ammonia, non-methane volatile organic compounds, particulate matter and sulphur dioxide) can be met across the UK.

In this consultation the Government sought views on the draft NAPCP and the use of the estimates of abatement associated with the policy measures, and also asked for any additional analysis or evidence that could be used. The Government also asked about clean air plans across the UK.

This consultation closed on 14 March 2019.

Supporting papers

To download documents that supported this consultation, please follow the links below.

CIBSE response

CIBSE did not submit a response to this consultation as there were no significant comments from CIBSE Members.