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Draft ISO 52000-1 Overarching EPB Assessment: General framework and procedures

This International Standard is part of a series of standards aiming at international harmonisation of the methodology for the assessment of the energy performance of buildings. It specifies a general framework for the assessment of overall energy use of a building, and the calculation of energy performance assessments in terms of primary energy or other energy related metrics. This assessment is not limited to the building alone, but takes into account the wider environmental impact of the energy supply chain.

Objectives of the consultation

This International Standard provides a systematic, comprehensive and modular overall structure on the integrated energy performance of buildings, in order to ensure consistency among all EPB standards required to calculate the energy performance of buildings. This Standard handles the framework of the overall energy performance of a building, covering:

  • common terms, definitions and symbols;
  • building and assessment boundaries;
  • building partitioning into space categories;
  • methodology for calculating the energy performance of a building (set of overall formulae on energy used, delivered, produced and/or exported at the building site and near-by);
  • set of overall formulae and input-output relations, linking the various elements relevant for the assessment of the overall energy performance of buildings which are treated in separate EPB standards;
  • general requirements to EPB standards dealing with partial calculations;
  • rules for the combination of different spaces into zones;
  • performance indicators;
  • methodology for measured energy performance assessment.

The procedures take into account the specific possibilities and limitations for the different applications, such as building design, new buildings 'as built', existing buildings in the use phase and renovation.

The consultation on this draft standards closed on 27 October 2015.

Supporting papers

To download the draft standard, please follow the link below.

CIBSE response

CIBSE submited comments on the draft standard to the British Standards Institution (BSI).