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CP1 - Heat networks client checklists

Following the consultation amendments have been made to the draft Client Checklists, which have been developed to support CP1: Heat networks - Code of Practice for the UK, and the Checklists will be trialled in autumn 2016. 

Background on the Checklists

In 2015, CIBSE and the ADE published CP1, a Code of Practice which set out minimum requirements across the life cycle of a heat network project. However, this is just the start of the journey. Use of the Code is voluntary and in order for standards to be raised, clients need to specify its use in briefs and contracts. There also need to be tools and processes in place to enable clients to check that the minimum requirements have been met.
In response to this, Client Checklists have been developed, which support the overall aims of CP1 by helping to:

  • encourage the setting of performance targets by the Client at the outset of a project which should be agreed by all parties involved
  • allow the Client and suppliers to record actual measured performance and confirm that it meets the agreed targets
  • allow the Client and suppliers to record the completion of the Code’s Objectives and to gather evidence of this into an Evidence Pack (which can then be passed onto the next Stage of the project)

Supporting papers

The pdf below outlines the content of the Checklists and the proposed process for applying them. The Excel file contains the checklists themselves.