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A Strategy for Sustainable Construction

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The consultation from the Department of Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (BERR - the former DTI) proposed to develop a Government and industry strategy, on sustainable construction and sought views on targets and ways in which the targets could be achieved. The draft strategy also addressed sustainable consumption and production, climate change and energy, natural resources and enhancing the environment and creating sustainable communities. It also looked at the way the industry operates, primarily procurement, whole life value, integrated teams, design and innovation. Earlier in 2007 CIBSE participated in a number of workshops in preparation for the draft Strategy:

  • The People Agenda (covering skills, safety and Respect for People)
  • Procurement (covering whole life costs, facilities managements and quality/aesthetics)
  • Climate Change (including energy)
  • Water (including water use and surface water management)

CIBSE submitted a response on 30th November 2007. The main points in the response were the over-reliance on current processes and practices to meet new targets and the need to address those areas of construction that have failed to deliver over the last 30 years and change them for the better. CIBSE pointed out that government as a major procurer in its own right had an opportunity to lead by example.