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A Carbon Management Strategy for Schools

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This consultation paper mapped out key issues related to establishing a system and set of policies for a low carbon schools sector. It was accompanied by Towards a Schools Carbon Management Plan - Evidence and assumptions informing consultation on a schools carbon management plan.

CIBSE's key message, given that schools account for around 2% of UK greenhouse gas emissions, was that the schools sector should aim for ‘leadership' status. As part of the public sector it is essentially committed to do so by government policy, and could stimulate market transformation through renewable technology in its procurement processes and leadership in measurement and management of energy.

Delivering effective school environments that meet low or zero carbon targets will be a major challenge and the consultation proposes a number of good measures but we need to go much further if we are to achieve zero carbon targets without comprising on indoor air quality, acoustics or daylighting in our schools, all of which affect learning. CIBSE also said that a whole building approach needs to be adopted to deliver effective school environments.

CIBSE drew upon a body of survey information relevant to many of the issues covered by the consultation developed by a UCL research group in collaboration with the CIBSE School Design group.