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Pathways to registration in NSW - update

NSW Fair Trading has introduced changes to the residential building industry to restore consumer confidence and make sure that apartments being built are safe.

From 1 July 2021, many engineers working on class 2 buildings, or buildings with a class 2 part, need to register to keep working. 

Currently, the only pathway available for these engineers to be on the Design and Building Practitioner register is Pathway 1 – directly via NSW Fair Trading.

Visit NSW Fair Trading for more information on who needs to register, how to register and the application process.

NSW Fair Trading is also developing a second pathway where professional bodies can be registered to assess the competence of individual professional engineers who are providing engineering services in respect of class 2 buildings, or buildings with a class 2 part. As part of this arrangement the professional body would maintain a register and monitor continuing professional development. Recognised professional engineers under this pathway will then benefit from a fast-tracked registration process to the Public Register for Design and Building Practitioners. Regulation amendments are required and guidance is being written, and NSW Fair Trading expect to have this Pathway available for application in the new year.

CIBSE membership director Laura Webb and ANZ regional manager Sharon Pestonji met with the team at NSW Fair Trading earlier this week to discuss the potential for CIBSE to apply to become recognised as a registration scheme. CIBSE already has infrastructure in place to assess, recognise and register mechanical, electrical and fire safety classes of engineers and would be well placed to provide these services.

CIBSE will continue to work closely with NSW Fair Trading with the intention of applying to provide recognition and registration services when the pathway is launched.