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CIBSE Accredited CPD Provider Case Study

Thermal metering is an area where many people have numerous questions and there is often uncertainties around meter sizing, selection and applicable standards. Aquip have put together a one hour course on, thermal metering technologies covering types, standards, selection considerations, communications and case studies.

The course can be delivered at your place of work and there is no cost. It is CIBSE accredited and suitable for anyone that has anything to do with thermal meters from Building owners, Engineers, Consultants, mechanical installers and BMS companies.

“I found it the best industry night presentation to date. There was a good depth of technical advice (and sufficient entry level information to help novices), a clear reflection of Brent's knowledge/skill set. Also good discussion type of delivery.. as in, questions were asked throughout the presentation and answered (briefly) as we went.. deeper questions were parked for later so it did not bog the presentation down.. The pop quiz was great, a few worked examples always solidifies knowledge. Best of all there was limited commercial product spruiking, which is very refreshing”.

CIBSE CPD providers, like AQUIP, can host a range of free, accredited lunchtime or evening CDP sessions for you and your team across Australia and New Zealand.

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