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Smashing the “need” barrier!

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Every year, the CIBSE Benevolent Fund provides assistance to those who find themselves in need, whether through sickness, bereavement or financial hardship. Present and former members of CIBSE, and their dependants, are eligible for help. 

“Initially set up in 1933 as the IHVE Benevolent Fund and now known as the CIBSE Benevolent Fund, the fund has aided hundreds of members, their families and dependants from around the world including our ANZ Region.  In 2016, the equivalent of $33,045 in grants were distributed to over twenty members, and members' families, in need of financial assistance.  I’m glad to report that this included support locally here in the ANZ region, providing ongoing financial support, to the family of a member, who sadly passed away at a young age”, commented, ANZ Regional Almoner, Ian Small.

As a non-for profit organisation, the CIBSE ANZ pride ourselves in donating surplus revenue from seminar ticket sales to local charities, including the CIBSE Benevolent fund, annually.  Recently, the ANZ region has donated significant donations to the Benevolent Fund, plus worthy local charities, including most recently the Cancer Council Australia and Mates in Construction

The CIBSE Victoria Chapter have seen a recent surge in attendance at seminars over the last 12-18 months, mainly due to the committee organising a fantastic variety of relevant technical topics each month.  Concurrently, by arranging seminars at high quality venues, with the generosity of local Engineering Consultants in Melbourne, this all contributes to a significant difference indeed.  With the ethos set out 30 years ago when the region was born, CIBSE Victoria Chapter are proud to be providing high quality technical seminars, but still at a low cost to our membership.

Perter Kinsella, CIBSE Victoria Chapter Chair commented, “We’re seeing a vast increase in delegates attending our technical events, which is a fantastic reflection on the enthusiasm and dedication from our committee, who I cannot thank enough”.  We are very pleased to inform you that CIBSE Victoria Chapter are donating £3000, that's just over $5000, to the CIBSE Benevolent fund.  Peter further elaborated, “It has always been our intention to show our appreciation for the work that the fund carries out and to make a regular donation.  A series of successful events this year have led us to being in a position to do so.  It is with great pleasure that CIBSE Victoria has been able to make this donation.”

Not only is this a very kind donation to a very worthy cause, but in doing so, it the largest ever single donation ever received by the fund, since its inception in 1933!  On learning of the significant donation, which is setting the benchmark for other Chapter and international regions to follow, Paul Angus, CIBSE ANZ Region Chair commented, “It’s fantastic to be able to share good news articles, such as this, with you all.  Recognising and promoting the tremendous work each of our chapters committees are undertaking in the background is key to our membership, in particular the volunteer network and Charity fundraising, which is a testament to them all.  On behalf of the ANZ Region, we’re all very proud and thankful to Peter and the CIBSE Victoria Chapter.  Each and every one of them are working tirelessly, which can be seen through the phenomenal success and popularity of their monthly technical seminars.  This has enabled them to provide a momentous contribution to such a well deserving fund, plus smashing all records in the process.  Well done to everyone involved, it’s such a fantastic achievement”.

For further information on the aims of the fund and the work that it does, and to make a donation please take a look at the following link.

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