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SLL and CIBSE celebrate light with national event

On October 1, in an event designed to showcase the talents of Society of Light and Lighting (SLL) members and the lighting community, teams of dedicated lighting designers shone a ‘new light’ on UNESCO World Heritage Sites across the UK and Ireland.

The Night of Heritage Light (NoHL) aimed to promote lighting as both an art form and a science by illuminating 9 World Heritage Sites in the UK and Ireland. Starting at William the Conqueror’s Tower of London, the NoHL worked its way up the country as the natural light faded.

For one night only, experts in the field of lighting put their designs on display to demonstrate the power of good lighting. Other heritage sites included the Giant’s Causeway, Stonehenge, Liverpool Maritime Mercantile City and Edinburgh Old and New Towns.

Liz Peck, President of the Society of Light and Lighting, said “The Night of Heritage Light was a great example of the whole industry coming together to bring the magic of light and lighting to the world. By combining light with some of the UK and Ireland’s most beautiful sights, we can capture the public’s attention in a way that showcases the best that the lighting industry has to offer.

“Lighting is an art as well as a science, and we’re hoping that this event has inspired people to look more closely at the part light plays in their everyday lives, from the street to their place of work. It’s about inspiring the next generation of minds to make the great breakthroughs in lighting by thinking big and realising the industry’s potential”

Combining their love of light and art, design teams showcased the practical applications of lighting and how it can improve and enhance architecture.  An additional benefit will be the highlighting of UNESCO World Heritage Sites bringing added recognition to these internationally acclaimed locations.

Take a look at images from each site below;

Blaenavon - photo: Kenton Simons, Story Photogprahy

Blenheim Palace - photo by dpa consultants

Edinburgh Writer's Museum - photo: Robert Galloway

Fountains Abbey - photo: George Hodlin

Giant's Causeway - photo: Don Kinghan

Ironbridge - photo: Jaxx Shepherd

Jurrasic Coast - photo: Mike Massaro

Liverpool Maritime Museum - photo: Ian Robinson

Tower of London - photo: Rachel Ferriman