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CIBSE Partners on Airborne Infection Reduction research project


CIBSE are a key strategic partner supporting the research programme, and information is now available on the AIRBODS website. The website will be the primary portal for the research team to share its findings, guidance and tools.

These outputs are in support of minimizing the risk of airborne transmission, acknowledging any implications on energy use and thermal comfort (especially in winter), along with indoor air quality and occupancy levels as a combined consideration.

Key questions being considered include: 

•    What do we mean by ‘poor’ and ‘sufficient’ ventilation?  
•    How does ventilation and air movement affect transmission?  
•    What’s an acceptable balance between conflicting drivers such as air change rate and energy consumption? 
•    To what extent can we use indoor air properties such as CO2, air temperature and relative humidity as proxies for airborne transmission risk?

Airborne Infection Reduction through Building Operation and Design for SARS-CoV-2 (AIRBODS) is a UKRI- funded research programme led by Prof Malcolm Cook at Loughborough University in partnership with University College London, the University of Nottingham, the University of Cambridge, the University of Sheffield, London South Bank University and Wirth Research.