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SLL announces new Lighting Guide for extreme conditions

The Society of Light and Lighting is delighted to announce the publication of its first Lighting Guide (LG) focused on lighting for extreme conditions.


LG19: Lighting for Extreme Conditions is intended as an introduction to the subject for lighting engineers and designers, specifiers, users and students alike. In order to make this Guide suitable for a wide readership, it has been written as a reference document of experience and has concentrated upon the applications of lighting in as many types of extreme conditions as practically possible, and on giving proven solutions to problems.
The guide also includes up-to-date legislation and incorporates best practice principles throughout. Individual characteristics have been aligned to BS EN 12464-1: 2011 where possible, including the introduction of a distinction between task area and surrounding areas, and the subsequent recommendation of uniformity for those areas. Indeed, uniformity has been given far more importance throughout the guide, with recommended minimum values in the tables appertaining to each particular application.
Acknowledging the difficulty in envisaging what may be classed as the ‘normal’ working environment, this Guide aims to identify circumstances or environments where extra care must be taken, particularly in relation to the choice of luminaire. Within his introduction, author Eur Ing David Holmes CEng MCIBSE FSLL defines what is meant by the term ‘extreme conditions.’
“…a building or particular room, or indeed an external area where people carry out any activity that could be harmful to either the safety of the individuals or the luminaires providing the artificial lighting, or where processes produce such conditions.”
The Guide is dividing into sections, creating an overview of the most arduous environments that a lighting designer or specifier is likely to come across on a daily basis. Whilst admittedly not an exhaustive list, the Guide stresses that in many cases reference should be made to the manufacturer of the luminaire, rather than the application.

See the full contents and get your copy of LG19: Lighting for Extreme Conditions (2019)