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Paul Ruffles named Lux Person of the Year 2018

Lighting designer and SLL Past President, Paul Ruffles CEng, FCIBSE, Hon. FSLL named Lux Person of the Year 2018 at the Lux Awards.

Lighting design engineer Paul Ruffles has dedicated a major part of his career to the service of the industry and is, say the Lux Awards judges, an ‘unsung hero’ of the sector. As editor-in-chief of the SLL Lighting Handbook, Paul led the complete revision and rewrite of the publication - with the assistance of various experts –  for 2018.  Now available, the Handbook has increased in size from 22 chapters to 32.

A full list of the judges for the 2018 Lux Awards can be seen here - 

Paul has been the principal of Lighting Design & Technology since founding the practice in 1992. Throughout his career he has contributed to the organising and administering of his profession both through his work with the Engineering Institutions and through national and international bodies.

These have included the National Illumination Committee, the International Standards Organisation, Lux Europa and the British Standards Organisation. He is a past-president of the Society of Light and Lighting and previous Chair of the SLL Technical and Publications Committee. Paul was made an Honorary Fellow of the SLL in 2015, in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the lighting industry. Paul has also received the SLL President’s Medal and the Lighting Award.

His projects included The Holiday Inn, Kensington and a new visitors’ centre for Kew Gardens. He provided lighting support to Buro Happold’s offices in London, Leeds and Saudi Arabia.

Paul has written many lighting related articles in all sections of the professional lighting press. He also makes numerous presentations to technical conferences and to learned society meetings.

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