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Brand New SLL Lighting Handbook Now Available

The Society of Light and Lighting is delighted to announce that the brand new SLL Lighting Handbook is now available for download and to purchase as a hard copy.

SLL Lighting Handbook

Led by SLL Past President Paul Ruffles, there was an industry wide drive to update the previous edition of the SLL Handbook. This work has involved nearly a hundred people with some thirty chapter editors, with over fifty reviewers and technical auditors. These were all SLL Members, drawn from over forty companies involved in lighting, including leading manufacturers, consultants and universities from across the country.

Lux Person of the Year

Paul was named Lux Person of the Year at the Lux Awards on 15th November 2018 in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the lighting industry and for his work on the new edition of the SLL Handbook.

Widely established as a first stop for anyone seeking information on lighting, the previous edition of the SLL Handbook was published in 2009. Chapters on vision and light which were featured have now been removed and will be included within the brand new SLL Code for Lighting, which is due to be published in 2019. Additionally, the section which looked to towards the future have been removed, as time has shown that trends often move faster than predicted. The remaining chapters have been reviewed, updated and rewritten with the addition of 13 brand new chapters and 4 appendices, making the SLL Handbook one of the most comprehensive guides to interior and exterior lighting in the world.

New chapters summarise specific applications of light detailed in the individual SLL Lighting Guides such as LG13: Places of Worship; LG14: Control of Electric Lighting; and LG15: Lighting for Transport Buildings amongst others. Moreover, the Handbook will also look at areas not yet covered including historic buildings, exterior architectural and lighting for extreme environments.

There is also a new chapter on general building areas. Those important, but often neglected common spaces within buildings - corridors, toilets, entrance halls, along with back of house areas such as locker rooms and storage areas.

In order to assist the increasing number of lighting designers coming into the industry from non-engineering backgrounds, there are also chapters focusing on integration with other building services, electrical supplies and the important final commissioning of the lighting systems, in line with Commissioning Code L: Lighting (2018).

The SLL Handbook is aimed at those already working within the lighting industry and those in related fields who would benefit from a better understanding of the application of lighting, including electrical engineers, contractors, facilities managers and many more. The guidance is both practical and accessible to a wide variety of people, providing an overview of the fundamentals, technology and the application of light for different spaces and occupant requirements.

The brand new SLL Lighting Handbook is now available for purchase and download from the SLL website.

For more information about ordering your copy of the SLL Handbook or to find out about joining the Society of Light and Lighting, please contact or visit