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Lessons from the Middle East

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It was an intense week of technical and cultural site visits for the region's young engineers' Chapter Chairs at YEN Global Conference in the United Arab Emirates late last month.

Having come away with new knowlege and many international connections, CIBSE ANZ YEN Chapter chairs, Elliot Hewish from Adelaide, Jerrin Pius from Auckland and Sian Willmott from Melbourne reflect on their experiences and lessons. 

(from left Sian Willmott, Elliot Hewish, Jerrin Pius)
It was the second global conference of its type (following the first in Hong Kong in 2015) and Australia and New Zealand Chairs were joined by their counterparts from around Hong Kong, China, UK and UAE. Also in attendance was the chair of Young Engineers in ASHRAE from the United States, continuing to strengthen bonds and provide insights between the two organisations.
The itinerary consisted of technical tours to Amity University, Masdar City and the Cleveland Clinic; and cultural visits to Etihad Museum and the Grand Mosque.

“All visits provided an exciting insight into how building services are performed in a challenging and diverse environment,” commented Elliot Hewish.

A CIBSE technical conference explored sustainability in tall buildings, cyber security, hydraulic design, fire protection and safety engineering; particularly in the wake of the Grenfell fire. The YEN committee lead panel discussions offering a wide variety of topical questions to facilitate collaboration from all corners of the globe.

The YEN Chairs' Conference provided an environment for young professionals from all walks of life to contribute to the challenges present in our industry. Innovative and efficient solutions were generated through this meeting with actions to define the YEN’s next quarter.

The ANZ representatives kept us up to date with posts on LinkedIn throughout the week – #YENGlobal17 .
Jerrin Pius posted Had an awesome time at Masdar City, Abu Dhabi. ‘The source of innovation and sustainability’. The driverless car was a highlight of the day.”
At the end of the week, CIBSE UAE held their annual dinner. Guest speakers from leaders of CIBSE and CIBSE UAE provided inspiration and commendation for the next generation of engineers.
Words of appreciation from Elliot Hewish express the sentiment of all visiting ANZ Chapter Chairs, “Thanks and praise go to the UAE YEN and general committees for providing a comprehensive conference with a balance of technical content, networking and cultural experiences. The conference provided attendees with unique experiences and connections that will drive them and their networks further.”
Elliot went on to say, “The experience demonstrated the valuable role building services engineers play in all of our lives. It highlighted the similarities all regions of the world share and the benefits of working collaboratively.”

A full update on the CIBSE YEN Global Conference will be provided in the December edition of the CIBSE Journal.

Contributing Authors: Sian Willmott, Elliot Hewish and Jerrin Pius

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