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Blue Sky Student Accomodation scores an A+

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The newly formed South Australian CIBSE YEN Chapter held their first ever event – a technical site tour of the Blue Sky Student Accommodation building in Waymouth Street, Adelaide.

This facility has state-of-the-art centralised mechanical refrigeration plant for air conditioning systems comprising roof top mounted vertical discharge condensers serving multiple branch-splitter-boxes on each floor.  The electrical installation includes a vertical rising bus duct with tee-off boxes for normal mains power supply to all floors and dedicated submains fundamentally utilised for lifts and other essential services.  Energy efficient LED and motion sensors are implemented throughout all common areas.  Also a 25kWA photovoltaic energy generation system (solar panels) are installed on the rooftop, some are laid flat on deck, while others on mounted on an elevated purpose-designed structure resulting in a recreational and shaded space beneath.  Central gas fired hot water plant is implemented for domestic hot water, and improved WELS ratings for hydraulic sanitary fixtures have contributed to the overall energy, gas and water efficiencies of the building.   


The building is nearing completion and provided an excellent display of building services challenges and opportunities. Tom Miles from Hindmarsh discussed the construction phases and their challenges, showing the importance of collaboration between services consultants, structural consultants, architects and contractors. Antony Caruso from BCA engineers raised the services requirements and innovative solutions provided within the building to ensure occupants receive the most desired results.

BCA Engineers have undertaken an assessment of the anticipated operational and life cycle energy savings of this Blue Sky Student Accommodation building, and when compared to a reference design compliant to the minimum requirements of the Building Code, this facility will deliver an improvement of over 25%.  BCA Engineers fundamental design and energy
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The tour presented a unique opportunity within SA to allow like-minded young engineers in the building services industry a chance to network and share discussions of different experiences. Through these opportunities the whole industry will benefit taking everyone with it!

The CIBSE YEN SA Committee would like to express their gratitude to Tom Miles from Hindmarsh and Antony Caruso from BCA Engineers for making the tour possible and look forward to arranging many more beneficial opportunities for young engineers to engage in.

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