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New BIM innovation launched at CIBSE Conference

BIMHawk, a website and software plug-in which enables the creation of standard parameters for use in BIM objects, was launched on day one of the annual CIBSE Building Performance Conference and Exhibition.

The software has been developed by NG Bailey’s Paul Marsland, Design and BIM Development Manager and enables authorised users to create or upload Product Data Templates (PDTs) corresponding to real-world products with a full set of industry-recognised parameters ready to be filled in. The model can then be imported directly into BIM platforms without disrupting the rest of the design.

The new plug-in has many potential uses, the primary one being the ability for clients to acquire structured data in a predictable format that is used from start to finish by the design and delivery teams. This removes the need to create new models from scratch for every element of a design, or edit generic or existing models that are not compatible and do not use the same parameters.

Contractors, Consultants and commissioning engineers will also be able to use BIMHawk to compare products on a like-for-like basis, making the process of specifying much faster and more simple, and saving the client money.

BIMHawk also uses PDTs created to an extremely high industry consensus standard, requiring three stages of review by chartered engineers and a peer review process, with the parameters specified also being signed off by relevant trade bodies and other stakeholders. This strengthens the overall BIM adoption process, and greatly increases the supply chain’s ability to work together to the same standard.

Carl Collins, CIBSE Digital Engineering Consultant, said: “This is a really exciting step up in terms of what we are able to do with BIM, and makes it far more accessible for stakeholders across the supply chain.

“BIM is supposed to make the whole construction process better, faster and cheaper, but until now models have suffered from big flaws around compatibility and interoperability between BIM modelling platforms. BIMHawk fixes those problems, and allows us to quickly import accurate and consistent parameters that can be used with confidence that the data is robust and standard across the industry.”

Steve Campbell Technical Director of NG Bailey said “BIMHawk is a massive step forward in collaborative working, enabling the exchange of data and information throughout the project life cycle in a consistent manner, negating the need for reworking and reformatting, something that has sadly been missing on the majority of projects where BIM has been adopted”

Mike Bartyzel, Regional BIM Lead/Associate Director at BuroHappold Engineering, said: “CIBSE BimHawk has made an impact already. It provides the opportunity to map and merge our company’s shared parameters with PDTs providing valuable time saving.

“It is indispensable in keeping the consistency and standardisation on how the information is presented in our schedules and data exports. Step by step help is provided and BimHawk is free to use. The additional functionality of integrating COBie data sets, Uniclass 2015 classification and IfcExport parameters is extremely helpful and is a must have on UK BIM Level 2 projects.”

Matt Crunden, Training and BIM Manager at Legrand, said: “An integral part of delivering BIM is the ability to produce information that will be of use through all stages of a project. For a manufacturer, a Product Data Template (PDT) is the tool for delivering this structured data, typically in the form of an excel spreadsheet.

“The BIMHawk Toolkit will simplify the creation & management of PDT's whilst also taking them into the digital world by providing an online tool which will integrate with other digital systems.”

John Field, President of CIBSE, said: “The first day of the Conference has been a fantastic demonstration of the practical difference engineers can make to solving problems in our world, and the launch of BIMHawk is just another way we are making the industry more effective.

“Engineers make the modern world work, and we are at the forefront of many major issues such as climate change and energy security. Events like this enable us to meet, discuss and collaborate to find better ways to meet those challenges.”

Carl will be demonstrating BIMHawk and providing a background talk on BIM Level 2 at a series of roadshows around the country during this year and next (find out more about the BIM Roadshow). 

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