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Manuel Spitschan Ph.D receives SLL Jean Heap Research Bursary 2020

The Society of Light and Lighting is delighted to announce that the recipient of the 2020 SLL Jean Heap Research Bursary is Manuel Spitschan Ph.D with his research project, lightbox: Development, validation and refinement of a free, open-access tool for calculations related to light and lighting.

The bursary was established in 2014, in tribute to the commitment to lighting research and education which Jean Heap demonstrated within the Society and throughout her career in the lighting industry. Jean Heap was the second woman to be President of the Society of Light and Lighting, taking up the position in 1986.

Each year, the judging panel look for a specific piece of lighting study or research designed for the benefit of the lighting industry, SLL members and the public. The call for applications is open to anyone with an interest in light and lighting.

As stated within Manuel’s proposal, the aim of this research is to develop, validate and refine a free, open-access web platform for user-defined quantities related to light. Manuel hopes to engage the Society’s members in the validation and refinement of the tool, as well as seeking validation of the quantities by the International Commission on Illumination (CIE).

After developing a prototype, with funding from the Wellcome Trust, Manuel proposed two work packages:

  • Work package 1: refinement of platform through engagement with user base. Across a 6 month period, Manuel will be seeking feedback from users recruited from the Society’s membership, integrating their feedback into the ongoing development of the of the project. The research requires 32 testers to engage in 2 sessions, for which their time will be remunerated.
  • ​Work package 2: Validation of reported quantities and certification in collaboration with the CIE

The hope is that the refinement and the validation with make this project more accessible, adding value and ensuring that the tool is fit for use, benefitting not only the SLL Membership but the lighting community in general.

Manuel is currently a Research Fellow at the University of Oxford and a Visiting Fellow at the Centre for Chronobiology, Basel. Watch Manuel’s video presentation, outlining lightbox and his proposal below:

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