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Where will your building services institution take you?

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The opportunity to start a Young Engineer’s Network (YEN) under the CIBSE ANZ umbrella in Victoria came across to me approximately 3 years ago. It had lodged its roots already in the New South Wales market, with a blossoming and active committee; already running site tours and networking events.

The idea was simple. Provide a support network for young engineers in the Building Services industry. In Melbourne, the story began with three young engineers from competing organisations. Since then, YEN has provided nothing but opportunity and fulfilment.


  • Local networking events with other like-minded individuals

  • To connect with other committees around the region

  • Global conferences (Hong Kong, UAE) with other committee members around the world


  • Aiding industry learning in building services; through technical events and site tours, specifically targeted at young engineers

  • Behind the scenes access to some of the biggest and best developments

YEN membership is free and available to all those in the development stages of their career. To register:

YEN centres have recently been started in both South Australia and Western Australia – we are growing!

The following YEN regions are looking to fill the following positions with new and enthusiastic volunteers around the region:

YEN ANZ – Victoria

  • Student Liaison Officer

  • PR/Communications Officer

  • General Committee Members

YEN ANZ – Auckland

  • Student Liaison Officer

  • PR/Communications Officer

Please get in touch via [email protected] if you are interested in being part of a YEN committee in your state.

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