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Society of Light and Lighting welcomes in new President

Iain Carlile, the new President of the Society of Light and Lighting (SLL), will continue to further aims set out by previous President, Richard Caple relating to the development and support of the next generation of lighting professionals, whilst also planning to engage with volunteers, members and the public in spreading the message of quality lighting.

Introducing his journey into the lighting industry, Iain highlighted that there are many routes to a career within lighting. He discussed his first involvement with the SLL at a conference in Dublin in 2004, where he was bowled over by the passion and dedication from the speakers but also the community of lighters in attendance. It was here that Iain met Mike Simpson and was invited to join the Society’s then Newsletter committee.

In an appeal to practitioners of light, Iain highlighted that one of the key strengths of the Society is its membership and the diverse range of backgrounds and career paths that they represent. Citing inclusivity as one of the major factors in deciding to join the Society, Iain outlined his aims to assess what the Society offers to its membership and the ways in which it can provide public benefit. He discussed the need to clarify and strengthen the Society routes to membership and in turn, add further value to the grades of membership available.

Whilst aiming to dispel any misconceptions about the Society and reinforcing the benefits of joining, Iain also asked what the Society can do to stay relevant to its current membership of over 4000 people. Iain referred to the need to continue to develop tools and guidance in order to help the members succeed within their careers, achieving professional recognition and finding enjoyment in the work that they do. Within this, Iain recognised the need for the Society to address challenges in relation to changing technology, within light sources, luminaires and controls but also in the way that we communicate and disseminate valuable information.

Referencing CIBSE President and SLL Past President, Stephen Lisk’s inaugural address, Iain highlighted the need for CIBSE and its divisions, Society’s and Special Interests Groups to collaborate in order to provide the most value to members and to the public overall.

Iain Carlile, President of the SLL, said: ”I would like to reach out to these individuals and groups, dispelling any misconceptions and reinforcing what the Society can do for them, and how they might become involved in the Society’s activities, and in doing so getting the message of good lighting to a wider audience for the benefit of all…

A year is not a long time to enact everything I would like to achieve, but I am well supported in the shared vision of promoting lighting going forward and I look forward to continuing to work with Past President Richard Caple, President Elect Jim Shove, and Vice Presidents Bob Bohannon, Ruth Kelly-Waskett and Andrew Bissell.”

Congratulating outgoing President Richard Caple, Iain praised the work of the last year and called for a renewed focus on the benefits which SLL delivers, through a wide range of events, its guidance and the breadth of research, testing and engineering that the Society carries out. 

Click here to read Iain Carlile's full Presidential Address

The Society of Light and Lighting held its AGM at the Haberdasher’s Hall, London on 24 May 2018. President Iain Carlile took over the Presidency from Past-President Richard Caple, who held office from May 2017. The new President-Elect, Jim Shove was also inducted, and will serve his term from May 2019.

If you would like to find out more about the Society or if you would like to join, please contact