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Tomorrow's World – Green Sky Thinking

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Download Presentation Slides (10MB PDF)

An esteemed panel of speakers of Tomorrows’ World – Green Sky Thinking propelled the audience of the CIBSE NSW Chapter towards how sustainable measures will further develop the way we approach the design and construction for buildings in the future (9 May 2017).

This seminar focussed on how we approach sustainability, analysing the often conflicting lenses of consultants and developers, reviewing if our current systems are addressing what sustainability is and what the future holds. 
Our host for the evening Jon Deadman, CIBSE NSW Committee member and LOR Building Services Manager successfully hosted the evening with a brief introduction from Mark Dimmock (LOR Southern Region Director) and Chris Greenaway (LOR Sustainability).

In the first of the evening’s presentations, Hannah Morton (Associate at Cundall) provided an overview of the current tools and methodologies.  She also provided a review of accreditation schemes currently open to projects in Australia with a focus on the more recently publicised, such as the Living Building Challenge. She further examined the key differences between the schemes, structure and target audience.

Our second presenter of the evening, Andrew Thai (Sustainability Manager at Frasers Property, Australia) guided us through a developers view and sustainability strategies, including how they manifest into a physical sustainable outcomes in developments.  He also provided an insight to experience in developing the sustainability strategy, how it is used to direct a proposed development and relevance of the strategy, when setting a sustainability agenda.

Our third and final presenter, Kieran MacKenzie (Laing O’Rourke Engineering Excellence) walked us through what the future holds.   Kieran provided an insight into what the Laing O’Rourke Engineering Excellence group are currently researching and see as possible sustainable products and processes into the future, including:

  • Construction scale 3D printing,
  • Optical fibre sensors
  • Biomimicry


As always, the evening closed after some fantastic networking drinks, plus some fabulous catering with the delegates including building services consultants, architects, quantity surveyors, facility managers and students alike.

The CIBSE NSW Chapter would like to thank our impeccable hosts, Laing O’Rourke for hosting the evening.

CIBSE NSW extends a big thank you to our sponsors Constructive for their appreciated and ongoing support throughout the year.