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New SLL President targets next generation of lighters

Richard Caple, the new President of the Society of Light and Lighting (SLL), made the development and support of the next generation of lighting professionals a priority in his inaugural speech at the Society AGM in London yesterday.

Recalling his start in the industry when there was little information about a career in lighting, Richard called on the Society and the lighting industry as a whole to do more to advertise the possibilities available for those entering the lighting industry. He suggested that displaying the potential of lighting to those interested in design and mathematics subjects would help to demonstrate the full potential of lighting as an interesting and rewarding career choice.

Richard noted that the Society produces a range of high quality guidance for the industry, and emphasised the importance of keeping up with a fast-moving industry. He challenged the Society to publish even more high quality technical research and guidance, but also to remember the industry’s roots: Whilst new technology makes lighting more advanced, with new innovations like Li-Fi and environmental sensors changing our relationship with light, lighting is still primarily about illuminating spaces well for the benefit of occupants. 

Richard specifically addressed the topic of wellbeing, calling it one of the major issues for the Society and the industry at large going forwards. He noted its enormous potential to change the way the places that we live and work are designed, but also urged caution around human-centric design – stating that more research into its effects and implications is needed before it is adopted wholesale by the profession. 

Richard Caple, President of the SLL, said: “I aim to inspire more people to pursue lighting as a career choice. One of the great things about our industry is, its varied make up, from lighting designers to product designers, electrical and mechanical engineering, testing, research, the list goes on. 

“Our industry never stands still, there is never a dull moment. There are many different levels that you can join at, and it's an industry where you can work your way all the way up to the top – the sky really is the limit.”

Congratulating outgoing President Jeff Shaw, Richard praised the work of the last year and called for a renewed focus on the benefits which SLL delivers, through a wide range of events, its guidance and the breadth of research, testing and engineering that the Society carries out, along with outreach such as the Ready Steady Light competition, and last year's Pockets of Light event in York.

Closing his speech, Richard affirmed that the SLL is the ‘home’ of lighting, where the work, interests and passion of the lighting community has space to grow and flourish. He referred to it as a ‘social’ society, where likeminded professionals can gather to do great things. 

The Society of Light and Lighting held its AGM at the Royal Society of London on 25 May 2017. President Richard Caple took over the Presidency from Past-President Jeff Shaw, who held office from May 2016. The new President-Elect, Iain Carlisle was also inducted, and will serve his term from May 2018. 

Please click here to read Richard's full address