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SLL Publications Update

As one of the leading providers of guidance within the lighting industry, we would like to provide an update on recently revised publications and those which you can expect to see later this year!

Recently updated publications include:

LG9: Lighting for Communal and Residential Buildings (2013)

Originally published in 1997, the have been significant developments both in lighting technology and building design since then; these are incorporated, together with information on lighting control systems, guidance on effective use of daylight and examples of current best practice.

LG13: Lighting for Places of Worship (2014) 

This is intended as an introduction to the subject for lighting engineers and designers, specifiers, users and students alike. Because of this aim of making the guide suitable for a wide readership, it has been written as a reference document of experience, and has concentrated upon the practical applications of lighting in as many types of building as practically possible, and on giving proven solutions to practical problems.

LG10: Daylighting – A Guide for Designers: Lighting for the Built Environment (2014)

This guide takes the reader through the process of designing for daylighting, addressing the issues of aesthetics and building physics that lie at the heart of the discipline of architecture. This requires architects to understand the basic aspects of the engineering of light, and engineers to have a grasp of aesthetics.

LG8: Lighting for Museums and Art Galleries (2015) 

This guide addresses lighting issues specific to museum and gallery buildings. One such consideration is that responsibility for lighting design may be spread among a diverse group, which can include lighting designers, curators, architects, engineers, conservators, facilities managers, maintenance staff and private collectors.

All SLL publications are available for members of the Society to download for free or purchase hard copies at a reduced rate. 

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We are also excited to announce that the updated version of the following publications will be available later this year:

LG6: The Outdoor Environment (to be published in 2015)

LG6: The Outdoor Environment was last issued in 1992. Since then, there have been huge changes both in light sources and the way we think about exterior lighting. For example, LEDs were only a footnote at that time and there was scarcely a mention of the importance of minimising skyglow. The Guide is now in the final stages of production and it is due to include many more new topics that were not in the previous edition.

LG7: Office Lighting (to be published in 2015)

We will be launching the eagerly awaited revision to LG7: Office Lighting, in the summer of 2015. There have been some major changes and amendments to this well referenced guide, as well as consideration of how the office environment is likely to develop over the next 10 years.

LG12: Emergency Lighting Design Guide (to be published in 2015)

The current version of this guide was written in 2004 and since then there have been several developments in the legal framework for emergency lighting and understanding of how it can best be used to assist escape from buildings. The new revision gives advice on the design of emergency escape lighting schemes and installations for all users of buildings and associated areas.

In addition to the publications above, the Society is delighted to announce that backdated issues of the IES Transaction, from 1936 – 1968 are now available for our members to download. For more information, please click here!