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New SLL President calls for greater awareness of the link between light and health

In his inaugural address as Society of Light and Lighting (SLL) President, made yesterday (29 May 2014) at the AGM held at the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, John Aston called on the lighting industry to promote awareness to the links between lighting and public health.

There is a clear need to improve the level of lighting knowledge held by the public

John Aston

Responding to the announcement that the Society has been awarded funding from the CIBSE Research Fund for research into human responses to lighting based on LEDs, Aston said:

“There is a clear need to improve the level of lighting knowledge held by the public; both in basic terms of quality and quantity as well as addressing any potential health risks that new lighting technology might bring … make lighting an important subject that is recognised for the great values it offers in work, at play and in terms of our health and well-being; in such a context we can then show that being a lighter is a profession that is worthy of respect and properly valued by our peers.”

John also pledged to continue to increase the Society’s membership. The SLL broke through its 2014 target of 2,500 members during April of this year after a spectacular twelve months of growth and is now aiming for the ambitious target of 3000 members by next spring.

As well as inaugurating John Aston as SLL president, the following officers were appointed:

  • Immediate Past President: Kevin Kelly
  • President Elect: Liz Peck
  • Hon Treasurer: Bob Bohannon
  • Vice President – Regions: Jeff Shaw
  • Vice President – External Affairs: Richard Caple
  • Vice President: Iain Carlile
  • Elected Members: Bob Bohannon, Grant Daniels, David Holmes, Helen Loomes, Theo Paradise-Hirst, Karen van Creveld

Honorary Fellowships were awarded to:

  • Bob Bean
  • Hugh Ogus

The President’s Medal was awarded to Paul Ruffles for his work as author and Chair of the Technical and Publications Committee. The Lighting Award was given to Florence Lam. Past President Iain Macrae praised her for the work she and her staff have undertaken on behalf of the profession and the Society. The Regional Award, which recognises those who have made a continued and significant contribution to the success of SLL around the Regions went to Tony Ownsworth, Scotland.

The following prizes for technical papers published in Lighting Research and Technology (LR&T), which is available for free download to SLL members, were awarded:

  • Leon Gaster Award: C Cuttle: A new direction for general lighting practice, February 2013
  • Walsh Weston Award: R D Clear: Discomfort glare: What do we really know?, April 2013

Representatives of the SLL's current sponsors – Helvar, Philips, Thorn, Trilux and Wila Lighting - were presented with Sponsors in Partnership Certificates.

John Aston (r) receives his medal of office John Aston (r) receives his medal of office