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New SLL President calls for more holistic building design

The Society of Light and Lighting (SLL) celebrated the inauguration of  Dr Kevin Kelly, Head of Electrical Services Engineering, Dublin Institute of Technology, as President of SLL at the Annual Meeting last night. In his speech, ‘Communicating a Future Society', the new President called for more holistic building design, more collaborative working and evaluations.

In his inaugural address, Dr Kelly spoke about the lighting revolution of LEDs and emphasised the importance of evaluating outcomes as design innovation continues to grow. He also called for SLL to reach out to other building professionals to adopt a more holistic building design. He noted that lighting professionals should work more closely with architects and services engineers to deliver effective and efficient lighting. This can be achieved through considering interaction between daylighting, artificial lighting, occupants and thermal requirements.

The President highlighted the importance of applied research and the role of practical case studies to inform lighters and other building professionals how to help drive better practice and outcomes. Applied research addresses questions the professional community would like to have answered, with evidence based analysis. This can then be disseminated to others to improve what we do in an interactive way.  For example, post occupancy evaluations also help improve quality and provide better value to clients.