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The Great Chilled Water Debate

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On Tuesday, February 27, property group Charter Hall hosted the CIBSE NSW Great Chilled Water Debate. The sold out event saw over 80 audience members hear from a panel of industry experts. CIBSE NSW Chair Phil Senn and Energy Action’s Dr Paul Bannister moderated the panel which also included Michael Dagher (AECOM), Stefan Sadokierski (Arup), Simon Spiteri (BSA) and Barry Abboud (JCI Controls).

It was great to see all stages of the design and installation process represented on the panel and there was some excellent discussion about ensuring that a particular design solution is appropriate for a particular building.  There is no “one size fits all” approach, and whether to have series counter flow (SCF), primary-secondary, variable primary or another arrangement should be weighed up for each project on its merits.  It is clear though that whereas everyone understands the theory and the benefits of variable primary and SCF chillers, there are disconnects in the industry from design and specification, equipment selection, installation and commissioning that often lead to sub-standard results. 

CIBSE will continue to hold further forums for all interested parties to work out how we can as an industry ensure that complex systems can operate as intended for our clients – watch out for Part 2 of the Great Chilled Water debate!

Presentation slides

Members can get further CHW controls guidance information via the CIBSE Knowledge Portal and search for CIBSE Guide H: Building Control Systems, or utilise AIRAH’s Australian version DA28 – Building Management and Control Systems.

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