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Rose Bruford College triumphs at 16th annual SLL Ready Steady Light

The Rose Bruford College team celebrated a double win at the annual SLL Ready Steady Light event.

Team Rose Bruford College SLL Ready Steady Light 2018 Site

Now in its 16th year, the competition took place at Rose Bruford College, Sidcup, on Tuesday 13th March, where 9 teams competed against each other by designing and setting up temporary exterior installations with a range of equipment, in only 180 minutes.

Click here to see a video from the day

dpa lighting consultants SLL Ready Steady Light 2018 site

This year, the team from dpa lighting consultants was awarded the much sought after Peer Prize with Rose Bruford College picking up the Technical and Artistic Awards. The Arup team were highly commended for both the Technical and the Artistic Awards. The judging panel for the Technical Prize was chaired by SLL President, Richard Caple and SLL President Elect Iain Carlile, with Kevin Theobald chairing the Artistic Award on behalf of IALD.

Arup teams SLL Ready Steady Light 2018 site

Each team was allocated a site around the College’s campus at random. Focusing on a return to basic engineering and design, the teams then lit each site in its natural state with designated equipment, having to overcome challenges without a budget and within the time constraints. Students enrolled in Rose Bruford College’s Lighting and Design BA course
supported the event and had the opportunity to speak to and assist lighting professionals working in this unique environment.

SLL President, Richard Caple presents the Rose Bruford College team with the Technical Award

Each team was led by an SLL member with newcomers welcomed to take part. Members of the public are also welcomed to see the installations from 6pm until 8pm. Three prizes were then awarded for the Best Technical Solution, judged by SLL, the Artistic Award, judged by IALD and the Peer Prize, judged by the teams themselves.

IALD Past President, Kevin Theobald presents the Rose Bruford College team with the Artistic Award

Ready Steady Light is held in partnership with Rose Bruford College and supported by the IALD. Further support and equipment is provided by Philips, Lee Filters, Whitelight, Erco and SGM. The teams came from a variety of organisations and institutions including; Future Designs, WSP-Parsons Brinkerhoff, dpa lighting consultants, UCL (A, B and C teams), Arup, Thorlux and Rose Bruford College.

Dr Nick Hunt, Head of School at Rose Burford College presents the Peer Prize to team dpa lighting consultants

The SLL also had the pleasure of sponsoring the Junior Ready Steady Light competition, which took place on Monday 12th March 2018, at Rose Bruford College. Six teams from local secondary schools participated in a full day of activities that lead up to the final competition and prize-giving ceremony.