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Lighting Research Center publish lighting for videoconferencing tutorial

As you will be aware, since the start of lockdown the number of videoconferencing calls that we are required to take part in has increased dramatically. Whilst we are very fortunate to have the technology to keep us connected with the industry, colleagues, family and friends the increased number of calls has created some challenges and sometimes, frustrations.

Online meeting etiquette is key, including utilising the mute and chat functions to keep meetings running smoothly and to the agenda. However, the use of video creates a few other considerations, one of which being the lighting. Thankfully, the Lighting Research Center (LRC) at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, New York have published a short and informative video tutorial on this very topic.


This short instructional video from Jennifer Brons, Director of Design Demonstrations and Charles Jarboe, Lead Research Specialist for the LRC run through some tips and tricks to put you in your best light, whilst videoconferencing. The aim of the video is to support visual communication, including examples of what to avoid and how to create a balanced lit environment for your call.

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