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Karen van Creveld receives SLL Jean Heap Bursary 2019

The Society of Light and Lighting is delighted to announce that the recipient of the 2019 SLL Jean Heap Research Bursary is Karen van Creveld with her research project, Measuring Real Daylight Exposure Afforded by Various Architectural Environments and the Implications for our Health and Wellbeing.

The bursary was established in 2014, in tribute to the commitment to lighting research and education which Jean Heap demonstrated within the Society and throughout her career in the lighting industry. Jean Heap was the second woman to be President of the Society of Light and Lighting, taking up the position in 1995.

Each year, the judging panel look for a specific piece of lighting study or research designed for the benefit of the lighting industry, SLL members and the public. The call for applications is open to anyone with an interest in light and lighting.

As stated within Karen’s application, the aim of this research is to understand the actual daylight exposure experienced by populations in a wide range of typical working environments, found in our current urban context. 

Watch Karen's video presentation below:

Karen highlighted the following research objectives:

  • Data created by this review in the field will be analysed to establish the reliability of the wearable sensor used for research purposes

  • The objective is to define a scale of daylight exposure potentials afforded by different architectural forms typically found in our working environments

Additionally, in outlining her aims for the research, Karen states, “This work is crucial to cooperation between scientific research and application in real architectural environments.”

Karen completed her Masters in Light and Lighting at the Bartlett before working as a practicing Lighting Designer, undertaking a wide range of architectural projects. Karen has recently returned to study at the Bartlett as a PhD. candidate.

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