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Jeff Shaw outlines his vision for Presidential year

Liz Peck passes on the Presidential Office to Jeff Shaw

Jeff Shaw delivered his inaugural address as President of the Society of Light and Lighting at City Hall on 19 May 2016.

Jeff highlighted that both the date and the location of the AGM held special significance to him as it was also his late mother’s Birthday, on which she would have turned 80 and that he had been involved in designing the lighting at City Hall.

Commenting that most people in the room would have entered the lighting industry by accident, he reflected on his interest in light long before he had ever considered it as a career;

“…I was a budding lighting designer, but what I didn’t know as a child was that I could have a career in lighting. Or that anyone had a career in lighting.”

Jeff Shaw delivers his inaugural address as President of the Society of Light and Lighting

Reflecting on the achievements of Liz Peck’s presidential year and the UNESCO International Year of Light, Jeff outlined his vision with regard to informing and inspiring the next generation about lighting and engineering.

“I want to inspire a different experience for children growing up today and in the future. I want to inspire the lighting designers and engineers of tomorrow; to let their parents know that a respectable career lies ahead for those who want to join our industry. I want to help to create a lasting legacy of engagement and interaction between the lighting community, the construction industry and the public.”

With changes in the lighting market and the technologies which are available, Jeff highlighted the need for the Society to inform the public about the benefits of quality lighting. Addressing recent press coverage on the potential negative effects of blue light from screens in the mainstream media, Jeff drew attention to a need for better, more accessible information on lighting and health, as well as providing useful consumer guidance which reaches beyond the lighting industry.

Having been the Chair of the Society’s Education and Membership committee for many years, Jeff remains focused on lighting education, stating that one of his aims will be to develop and launch structured advice and tools for lighting related STEM ambassadors, in collaboration with other lighting organisations such as the ILP, the LIA and the IALD. This would include sample presentations, workshops and kits for teaching certain lighting topics, as well as guidance for STEM ambassadors.

Jeff shared his thanks to Liz Peck with the following statement;

“Liz, you have been key in raising awareness of our industry and in building new and strong links between us and many other like-minded groups, such as the Institute of Physics and the RIBA, among others.”

Jeff Shaw awards Liz Peck the Past President's Medal

To read Jeff’s full presidential address, please click here

As well as welcoming Jeff Shaw as SLL president, the following officers were appointed:

Immediate Past President: Liz Peck
President Elect: Richard Caple
Hon Treasurer: Bob Bohannon
Vice President – Regions: Iain Carlile
Vice President – External Affairs: Simon Fisher
Vice President: Bob Bohannon
Elected Members: Bob Bohannon, David Holmes, Helen Loomes, Theo Paradise-Hirst, Karen van Creveld and John Mardaljevic
Representatives of the SLL's current sponsors – Philips, Thorn, Trilux and Xicato

The recipients of the SLL Awards were as follows;

LET Students awarded certificates for completing the LET Diploma were Christopher Fordham and Charlie Upton.

The following prizes for technical papers published in Lighting Research and Technology (LR&T), which is available for free download to SLL members, were awarded: Leon Gaster Award: Peter Csuti: J Schanda, P Csuti, and F Szabó: Colour fidelity for picture gallery illumination, Part 1: Determining the optimum light-emitting diode spectrum. Published in Lighting Research and Technology 2015 47(5): 513-521, taken together with: P Csuti, A Fáy, J Schanda, F Szabó, and V Tátrai: Colour fidelity for picture gallery illumination, Part 2: Test sample selection – museum tests.

Walsh Weston Award: Mark Rae: The lumen seen in a new light: Making distinctions between light, lighting and neuroscience published in Lighting Research and Technology May 2015 47: 259-280

The Regional Award, which recognises those who have made a continued and significant contribution to the success of SLL around the Regions went to Peter Phillipson, Chair of the London Events Committee.

Peter Phillipson receives the Regional Award from Liz Peck

This year there were four recipients of the SLL Lighting Award; Dan Lister, Simon Fisher, Rhiannon West and Liz Peck. This was with special mention of their involvement in the Night of Heritage Light (NoHL).

Liz Peck, Dan Lister, Rhiannon West and Simon Fisher with their Lighting Awards

An Honorary Fellowship was awarded to John Fitzpatrick.

John Fitzpatrick receiving an Honorary Fellowship of the Society of Light and Lighting from Liz Peck

The President’s Medal was awarded to David Carter for his long standing and continued contribution to the lighting industry.

David Carter receives the President's Medal from Liz Peck