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Become an SLL Regional Lighting Representative

The Society of Light and Lighting relies on the knowledge, expertise and dedication of its Members. As an authority on lighting best practice and part of a charitable body which works to provide public benefit, the work of the Society’s volunteers, committee members and regional representatives is invaluable.

Photo: Michael Eleftheriades

The SLL’s Regional Lighting Representatives help to spread the word about the importance of quality lighting and up to date guidance by providing events with a variety of well-known speakers throughout the UK, Ireland and internationally. As well as providing valuable CPD, these events help to bring the lighting community together, along with the wider CIBSE Membership, people from related industries and the public.

Currently, the SLL is seeking regional representatives in the following CIBSE Regions:

  • Home Counties South East

  • East Anglia

  • East Midlands

  • North East

  • United Arab Emirates

There are examples for previous SLL regional events and presentation online via

If you are interesting in finding out more or, if you would like to put yourself forward to represent the SLL in one of the regions above, please email for further details.

Currently, the Society has representation in the following CIBSE Regions:

United Kingdom and Ireland:

  • Southern – Laurie Socker

  • South West – Bonnie Brooks

  • South Wales – Richard Bullock

  • Home Counties South West – David Mooney

  • Home Counties North East – Austin Williamson

  • Home Counties North West – Chris Dicks

  • West Midlands – Sonia Pepperell

  • North West – Katerina Konsta

  • Merseyside & North Wales - awaiting appointment

  • Yorkshire – Dan Lister

  • Scotland – Tony Ownsworth

  • Northern Ireland – Jim Patton

  • Ireland – Menekse Kaya


  • Hong Kong – K Y Leung

  • Australia and New Zealand – Andrew Foley and Nigel Cross