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When the Building Industry Collaborate to Save the Environment

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With a threat of climate change imminent, it will take the unified voice of the built environment to affect change and mitigate that threat. PRIME (Professionalism, Regulation, Information, Measurement, and Emission abatement) is that voice for the built environment in Australia. CIBSE have joined forces with the property sector, manufacturers, and other professional institutions and organisations, all with a similar drive to reduce the environmental impact of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration of buildings.

Steve Hennessy, CIBSE ANZ Membership Secretary, past Chair and PRIME Steering Council member sees this union as a clear way forward, “Collaboration is vitally important. We have many different groups, it would be a lot easier if we could pool those resources”.

He goes on to say, “The groups involved with PRIME all have similar goals, they are passionate about our industry and want the best for the people in the industry”.

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