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Contributions sought for consultation response on the regulation of the cybersecurity profession

The government is currently consulting on the regulation of the cybersecurity profession. This follows the launch last March of the UK Cyber Security Council, the new professional body to lead the cyber workforce.

The government is looking to the Council to “raise the bar, acting as a force to raise standards and to ensure that people working in cyber are properly equipped to protect us from criminal gangs and hostile states.”

The proposals being consulted on “look to provide clarity within the cyber security profession as it stands, embed professional standards and pathways”. More significantly, it says that “this will recognise cyber as a profession similar to the more established fields such as accounting, law, and engineering.”

The ambition is for the UK Cyber Security Council to be “suitably empowered to be the voice of the profession”. The Council needs to build governance, establish its leadership and develop partnerships that can “achieve and embed clarity in the profession”. This consultation seeks views on how to do this between 2022-2025.

There is also an explicit question[1] about adding cybersecurity practitioners to the list of regulated professions enshrined in regulations. Interestingly that does include lawyers and actuaries but not accountants and engineers.

Interestingly it also fails to list Architects, which we know are regulated under the Architects Act and will face stricter regulation as a result of Part five of the Building Safety Bill.

CIBSE will be working closely with the Society of Digital Engineering and the IT and Controls Group to respond to the consultation. We will also be raising the wider question of regulation of engineers with other professional bodies.

To contribute to the CIBSE response please send your comments and ideally answers to those questions you feel competent to answer to [email protected] with the subject line “Cyber standards and regulation” by Friday 11 March.