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The Challenge 2017

Round III of The Challenge speaker competition 2017 took place 9th and 10th February at Brunel University. The Challenge is an opportunity for people in the early part of their lighting career to compete against their peers for a place in the finals of the competition at the Professional Lighting Design Convention (PLD-C) which will be held 1st – 4th November in Paris.

This is the 2nd year of the competition and the standards were just as high. The winners of the 2015 competition, Pernille Krieger and Eik Lykke Nielsen from Denmark with their presentation Lighting Design for the Elderly were coached to the finals by the SLL Secretary.

This year’s coaches included: Koert Vermeulen, Paul Traynor, Thorsten Bauer, Anne Bureau, Paul Gregory and our very own SLL President Jeff Shaw.

Round I of the competition started last summer with entrants delivering abstracts on their topics and those then chosen for Round II created video blogs with all 6 coaches reviewing and scoring the entrants. The coaches were then allocated 3 students each to mentor through to Round III at Brunel.

The first day of the event saw the 18 speaker presentations with question and answer sessions and then the judges had some time to decide on who they would take through to the finals in Paris.

This year’s event was again an international gathering with the presenters from Round III representing Russia, Germany, Spain, China, UK, Latvia, USA, India, Finland, Brazil and Thailand. The presentations were wide and varied including lighting in fashion design, presenting light, colours of the colour blind, lighting for autism and lighting to prevent roadkill.

The winners of Round III and their topics are:

Team Koert Vermeulen: Gregor Gärtner, Germany – Presenting light

Team Paul Traynor: Zhoufei Ren, China/USA – Living in the colours of the colour blind

Team Thorsten Bauer: Anuj Gala, India/Finland – Media facades and the disappearance of cities: what is a lighting designer’s role?

Team Anne Bureau: Aditi Govil, India/USA – A walk in a woman’s shoes,: re-thinking lighting in urban nightscapes

Team Paul Gregory: Ana Teodora, UK and – Improving spaces for individuals with autism spectrum disorder through the use of light and colour

Team Jeff Shaw: Marina Lodl, Brasil/USA – The urban underground – a sequence of adaptation

The coaches and winners of Round III now have time to expand their research and presentations for the finals where they will present to the PLD-C audience for 45 minutes.

The second and final day of the event saw a number of Early Career Researchers presenting on topics including:

Diana Del Negro: Urban perception on wayfinding

Nico Gentile: Occupancy behaviour for effective lighting control design

Hannah Neal: Product design to lighting design, a new perspective

Longyu Guan: Daylight Metrics

The coaches then took to the stage deliver presentations with titled suggested by the organisers, VIA-Verlag:

Koert Vermeulen: Working with Interdisciplinary Teams

Paul Traynor: Paving the Way for a Career Path in Lighting

Thorsten Bauer: Where is the Future if not now?

Anne Bureau: Evidence Based Lighting Design

Paul Gregory: Educating Clients

Jeff Shaw: Communicating Lighting Design to the Wider Public

The SLL are delighted to again be the Knowledge Partner of the competition and working with these young professionals.

Congratulations to all winners and see you in Paris!