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CIBSE invites tenders for authorship of guidance on home design

Please note that the deadline for responses to this Invitation to Tender has been extended to Thursday 12th March 2015

CIBSE’s Homes for the Future special interest group has identified a need for guidance on good practice building services design and environmental design for the homes sector. This sector includes houses, apartments and care homes.

Research has highlighted serious performance gap issues in the housing sector

CIBSE is therefore seeking tenders to produce a Technical Memorandum on the best practice in the design of homes, offering guidance on preferred design practice relating to building engineering services and the approach to environmental design.

Work by the National House Building Council (NHBC) Trust and Zero Carbon Hub (ZCH) has highlighted serious performance gap issues in the housing sector. Many of the causes of the performance gap are due to lack of skills, lack of appropriate guidance and installation problems. In addition, in order to keep up with the pace of change in Building Regulations, new building technologies and techniques are being implemented to meet the needs for low carbon compliance homes. Increased awareness of the risk of overheating is also an emerging issue. The need for up-to-date and appropriate guidance for the industry has therefore never been greater.

Interested parties should provide fully costed tenders addressed to Dr Anastasia Mylona (CIBSE Research Manager) by email to by 12:00 noon on Thursday 12th March 2015. Should you have any questions regarding this ITT then please contact Dr Mylona.

Complete details can be found in the following documentation: