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New edition of AM12 Combined Heat and Power for Buildings available

CIBSE is pleased to announce the availability of a new edition for 2013 of the CIBSE Applications Manual - AM12 Combined Heat and Power for Buildings.

This revised and updated edition has been produced in the recognition of the role that Combined Heat and Power (CHP) can play in delivering low carbon buildings.

The comprehensive Guide features new chapters on District Heating (DH) applications, information for assessing environmental benefits and more detail on tri-generation (cooling, heating and power - CCHP) and thermal storage.

CHP and DH can offer a more energy efficient way of generating power and be cost-effective to implement in many applications.  CHP produces both electric or shaft power and thermal energy onsite or near site, converting as much as 85% of the input fuel into useful energy.

Used appropriately, CHP therefore increases resource energy efficiency and helps reduce CO2 emissions. CHP systems can also improve power reliability by reducing or eliminating a building's dependence on the electric power grid.

This Guide will help inform industry professionals involved in the implementation of CHP technology to meet the highest standards recognised internationally for these engineering solutions.

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