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Expert-consensus recommendations for daytime, evening/night-time indoor light exposure

The second International Workshop on Circadian and Neurophysical Photometry took place in 2019, bringing together experts in the fields of lighting, neurophysical photometry and sleep and circadian research. The primary focus was to develop expert-consensus recommendations for healthy daytime and evening/night-time light environments.

Whilst it is yet to be peer reviewed, the Pre-print report is now available:

Recommendedation for Healthy Daytime, Evening, and Night-Time Indoor Light Exposure

An SI-compliant metric for quantifying ipRGC-dependent ocular light responses has paved the way for expert-consesus recommendations for lighting. Supported by analysis of the sensitivity of human 'non-visual' responses to ocular light, centred on melanopic equivelant daylight illuminance, the group have worked to provide straightforward recommendations to inform lighting design and practice.

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