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Taking Away More Than an Award

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A series of interviews with the 2019 Mark Griffin Student of the Year finalists revealed that an understated reward of entering a competition like the CIBSE ANZ Young Engineers Awards was what the students had learnt in the process of gathering information for their entry.

 “The competition challenged me to think critically and acquire more knowledge from continuous learning and research in the building services field. The preparation further enhanced my awareness of the environmental impact and the well-being of stakeholders within a project.” – Jeff Tsang, 2019 Award finalist.

The most successful entries were from those who saw the competition as an opportunity to learn about the critical issues in the industry and to find their place in resolving them.

“In preparing my entry I noticed that some sectors are pushing for greater sustainability, but there needs to be greater consideration into the materials of all the systems we design, build, install and dispose of at the end of their life. Whilst I had known about the benefits of GPON, I hadn't really considered the benefits of reducing reliance on materials that generate large amounts of CO2 (such as copper). When you consider our interconnected society, buildings contain tonnes upon tonnes of Ethernet cables, contributing significantly to the emissions footprint of a building. This needs to be considered in all industries and will require significant changes in peoples perceptions of certain technologies and the benefits of investing in our future. ” – Michell Peatman, 2019 Award winner.

“The Building Services industry is far from perfect, requiring a firm shake down and filtering out of unnecessary practices. Research for my entry educated me in ways of changing and providing a solution rather than the problem.”  –  Bharat Rasali, 2019 Award Finalist.

The Construction Industry, like any other, faces a variety of challenges which needs students with fresh solutions and ways of thinking to resolve. It’s clear that what the 2019 student finalists all have in common is that each is taking away a clear vision for their role in solving some of the industry’s biggest problems.

The competition question for the 2020 Mark Griffin Student of the Year competition will be revealed early next month and open for entries alongside the CIBSE ANZ Graduate and Young Engineer of the Year Awards. The regional Awards ceremony will take place in Sydney on Thursday 23 July 2020.
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