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Operating Theatre Ventilation Systems and Associated Design Considerations

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A great presentation by Kristian Kirwin from Airpure for CIBSE Victoria’s final technical seminar for 2019.  Kristian provided an indepth discussion on all the key issues associated with the design and commissioning of theatre system ventilation systems including: 

  • A comparative analysis of the current guidelines and standards (Australia/World), how these relate to the performance of theatres. 

  • Infection control (UCVs v Conventional mixed flow theatres).

Kristian provided insight into the future direction based on various guidelines and standards (including DHHS which was one of our earlier CIBSE technical presentations).  The presentation provided great images on layout of theatres, airflow and pressurisation characteristics and how pendants can impact the behaviour of airflow. 

Figure 1. General velocity plot showing flow through the corner unitsm/s.

Figure 2. Plots cutting through the table using a 0.4 m/s threshold as in the previous project

Figure 3. Pendants can impact the behaviour of airflow


A key discussion was on the commissioning of the systems and the behaviour of airflow. Interestingly, it was noted that both HTM-03 and DIN1946 go into great depth detailing commissioning setups, however Australian Standards and Guidelines have minimal detail on this most important activity.

Similarly on Maintenance, there is significant detail in DIN1946, Danish Standard VCCN RL7 and RL8 (maintenance) on maintenance.The mechanical services element has little detail within the Australian Standards and guidelines. Kristian noted that this obviously is an area that requires attention.

A Q&A session completed the evening followed by drinks and nibbles.

Kristian may be available to talk to other Australian & New Zealand CIBSE Chapters. His talk is directed at Consultants, Contractors and Commissioning Technicians.

Many thanks for NDY for once again, providing the venue.

Presentation Slides available here

Reported by Sean McKeag, CIBSE Vic Chair.