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2019 CIBSE YEN Global Conference in Malaysia

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CIBSE ANZ's Anastasija Taranenko reports.

Last month the CIBSE YEN Global Conference took place in Malaysia bringing together committee members from all over the world to work on improving the development of young engineers. The ANZ region was represented by the vice-chair of YEN Auckland, Anastasija Taranenko, who works as an intermediate mechanical engineer at WSP.
Each day of the conference provided an opportunity to learn from local engineering practices and experiences. For example, day two included a visit to the Diamond Building which is the current headquarters of the Malaysia  Energy Commission. This building performs seventy percent better compared to the typical office building in the country with the energy index of 57kWh/m2/year. Outstanding energy savings have been achieved by incorporating the following design features:

  • nighttime chilled water slab cooling operating at 18 degrees C
  • self shading building form
  • solar panels contributing to the 10% reduction of the total energy consumption
  • atrium dome equipped with automatic blinds
  • low-e glazing
  • daylight reflecting surfaces
  • tannenbaum reflectors which deflect daylight across the atrium to the lower levels of the building
  • solar hot water system
  • jet fans in the car part operating when CO levels above 25ppm

Figure 1. Diamond Building (source: Suruhanjaya Tenaga Energy Commission)

Another interesting building which the YEN group visited was Heriot Watt University campus, the first purpose built green campus in Malaysia. This campus has the biggest living roof providing great energy reduction and stormwater control.

Figure 2. Heriot-Watt University in Malaysia (source:

Some other highlights of this conference include the tour to Petronas Towers, presentation from the design engineers and developers of the 1.6RM billion worth BBCC project followed by the site tour, a trip to Singapore and meeting with the local professionals, networking with ASHRAE Malaysia young engineers.

Figure 3. CIBSE YEN representatives from different chapters with local engineers in Singapore

Apart from broadening engineering knowledge, this conference helped to identify some differences between the life of an engineer in ANZ region and life of our colleagues abroad. First of all, the scope of work of a typical engineer can be much broader.  During the BBCC project  presentation it was mentioned that mechanical engineers were often involved in the design of vertical transportation, fire protection, cold water and sanitary plumbing and natural gas systems. 
The challenge our colleagues are facing each day is the pressure of working long hours. 

“We cannot afford to not work hard. Otherwise everything we have achieved will be lost”, said the Singaporian tour guide for the CIBSE YEN group.

Its hard to judge whether a workaholic culture is good or bad when you are surrounded by so many amazing buildings!


Figure 4. Gardens By the Bay

Figure 5. Bumboat trip with local engineers from Red Engineering