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Celebrating the Honour - Two Bronze in 2018!

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CIBSE ANZ’s voluntary network is not only the driving force behind innovative initiatives, it has been the backbone of operations for the past 31 years.

This year, CIBSE acknowledged two long-term star performers for their engagement and service to the institution with the Bronze Medal –  Manus Freeman and Peter Whalley.

Pete has been involved in the WA Chapter since 2006, when he initially arrived in WA. Over the last 12 years, Pete has held various positions on the committee, including Vice Chair from 2013 to 2015, when he was elected to WA Chapter Chair until his tenure was completed in July 2018. He has represented the WA chapter on the ANZ regional committee since 2015.

Pete has been instrumental in helping to develop a number of regional initiatives, although most significantly making his mark on promoting and organising the “Seminar Series” events run in around Australia and New Zealand over the last couple of years.

During his time on the WA committee, he has worked to improve the profile, brand and visibility of CIBSE amongst his extended work network. Pete has always strived to make CIBSE more social and relevant in the local market, which has sometimes been challenging due to the small membership group in WA.

Pete received and celebrated his medal at the WA Christmas Luncheon, one of the initiatives he and the WA Committee have developed into a well-attended event, high on the social calendar for WA building industry.

“Really proud to be awarded the CIBSE Bronze medal for services to CIBSE locally in WA!” - Peter Whalley

Manus Freeman also celebrated a Bronze medal for service last month, presented by the ANZ Regional Committee, who gathered in Melbourne for the quarterly meeting.

Manus has been, and remains, a very active and a core member of the CIBSE Victoria Chapter Committee since 2003 and is currently serving as the Victorian Chapter Secretary. He has also served as the Victorian Chapter Chair, and was a part of the CIBSE ANZ Regional Committee from 2011 to 2014.

In addition to his chapter committee duties, Manus is a registered Membership Interviewer and has been called on to carry out numerous interviews over the years. Manus has also been part of several CIBSE ANZ judging panels, such as the CIBSE ANZ Young Engineers Awards programme.
Over the years Manus has represented CIBSE ANZ's interests on the ARBS Board several times. Besides his extensive committee duties, he has always been prepared to help other committee members that may have found difficulty in achieving their commitments.

"Fantastic to recognise the significant achievements Manus has contributed towards CIBSE ANZ. In particular, his dedication, efforts and enthusiasm as a voluntary committee member in various roles within the Victorian Chapter. Fantastic work Manus and very well deserved." - Paul Angus CIBSE ANZ Chair

In addition to the Bronze Medals awarded to CIBSE ANZ members, earlier this year, Peter Kinsella, ANZ Regional Committee member, was presented with the CIBSE Silver Medal for over 15 years of service to the Institution.
Read more about Peter’s contributions here

Many CIBSE members and volunteers contribute to the rich tapestry of the organisation in diverse ways by giving their time or sharing their expertise on the many panels, regional committees and initiative-focused sub-committees the Institution has set up to drive the 2020 vision for the building services industry in the region

If you would like to get involved and support the institution in your area of passion, whether it be the Young Engineers Network, organising an interesting technical seminar for your chapter or contributing to training and cpd development opportunities in the region please get in touch by emailing [email protected]

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