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Young Engineers Awards open with a banging new accolade

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Giving passionate, young engineers a voice and a chance to step out of the shadows is what the Young Engineers Awards are all about. That’s why, in its second year, this region-wide competition has added a new category to the line-up – CIBSE ANZ Graduate of the Year.

This is a chance for young engineers in the first two years of their career to stand apart and get recognised for early accomplishments and contributions towards building services engineering.

The Jack Pirie Award for Young Engineer of the Year will shine a spotlight on the achievements of the young engineer or consultant, up to the age of 35, who has been working within building services in Australia or New Zealand for over two years.

The third award being showcased, the Mark Griffin Award for Student of the Year, will look for originality and thoughtfulness in response to a comment that 2017 CIBSE President Peter Wong made in his opening address. ‘Artistry brings the science and practice of building services engineering innately alive’ but should Engineering be described as an artform? 

The winner of each of the Young Engineers Awards will receive a $1000 cash prize, however benefits of entering exceed a cheque and trophy, as 2017 Young Engineer of the Year, Simon Green describes:

“The application process was a chance to take stock of what I had achieved in the building services industry so far.  I imagine that most young engineers, after swimming in the deep end since day one lose perspective on the steepness of their professional development curve…
Being named Young Engineer of the Year was an amazing opportunity to network. I will look back on the award as a kind of ‘debutante ball’ – the time when I launched myself from the darkened graduate backroom into the real world of clients, contractors and competitors”
This awards programme sits firmly in-line with CIBSE ANZs strategy to raise the profile of building services engineers in the region. With reports that Australia and New Zealand are failing to produce enough home-grown engineers and the number of students studying advanced math and science falling, there is a need to build the image and the opportunities of building services engineering.
The potential for global and environmental impact that engineers have through smart building services design, implementation and energy management in the built environment is enormous.
“The future of engineering is changing and evolving faster than it ever has in the course of history. Students are studying for jobs that haven’t been invented yet. In this new world, it is imperative that we draw bright and enthusiastic minds towards the opportunities that lie and equip them with the skills – for the future of the industry in the region.” CIBSE ANZ Chair, Paul Angus.
Between February and May next year, CIBSE will engage with universities and students across Australia and New Zealand to discuss careers within building services engineering, promote benefits of Engineering Chartership and the opportunity to enter the CIBSE ANZ Young Engineers Awards.
The Young Engineers Awards are now open for entries from students and young engineers around Australia and New Zealand in the following categories:

  • Student of the Year

  • Graduate of the Year and;

  • Young Engineer of the Year

The 2018 ceremony and annual cocktail function will take place in Sydney, on Thursday 21 June at an exciting venue fit for an annual celebration of industry excellence.

Entries for the CIBSE ANZ Young Engineers Awards are open until 1 May 2018. For more information about CIBSE ANZ and the work we are doing in the region visit or for information on the awards visit:

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