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CIBSE NZ – Now Incorporated to serve local members better

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CIBSE New Zealand members will for the first time have the opportunity to formally engage with decision making and have their say in how the institution is run, locally. This is because the Chartered Institution of Building Services NZ is now incorporated under the Incorporated Societies Act 1908. This change, that became official on 23 November 2017, will ensure transparency and accountability of the Institution’s NZ operations.

CIBSE NZ Chapter Committees have been engaged in the process of drafting a constitution and gathering supporting signatures over the past two years so this is a well celebrated milestone in the Institution’s history.

Members can be further assured that there will be certainty to the way the society operates because the rules governing the incorporated society must meet the minimum requirements set out in the Act. The incorporated status also means that CIBSE NZ becomes a separate legal entity and continues as a separate entity even through membership changes.

CIBSE Auckland Secretary, Roger Birchmore commented “It also means that CIBSE NZ do not need to absorb GST costs for events and we can be sure that the strategic decisions our committees make have the backing of the local members”

New Zealand members are currently supported locally by 3 chapters in the region – Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington, together with the backing of the Australia and New Zealand regional committee, which will align with the newly formed Incorporation to continue to serve the country’s members.

In the new year, the first act of CIBSE NZ Incorporated will be to confirm the Annual General Meeting and hold a formal process to identify and confirm Committee members.

If you have any enquiries about the Incorporation please get in touch with your local CIBSE Chapter Chair

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