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Building Commissioning goes into the Innovation Incubator

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Standards Australia recently launched its ‘Innovation Incubator’.  The Incubator was established to bring the agility, thinking, processes and project methodologies of a start-up to Standards Australia and embed an open innovation mindset across its internal and external business operations.

Various industry bodies, including CIBSE and various stakeholders, were invited to participate in an interactive workshop revolving around Building Services Commissioning, in Australia.

This workshop was designed to:

  • Bring together industry experts to workshop potential solutions to issues around building commissioning in Australia. 

  • Establish a deeper understanding of the problems, opportunities and constraints relating to building commissioning in Australia. 

  • Explore priority areas for development.

  • Promote participation and continued engagement in the Building Commissioning conversation among key industry organisations, their members and other relevant stakeholders.

It was a great session, with lots of good ideas and some great proposals for moving building commissioning forward in Australia.
The interactive workshop involved creative thinking to tackle the issues associated with Building Services Commissioning.  The result of the workshop will involve disseminating outcomes to other industry participants to encourage further discussion, engagement and buy-in.  There will also be a review of the current project proposal for an Australian Building Commissioning Standard.  There will be a continuation to engage GBCA / NABERS in the process going forward.  Finally, further liaison with ACT government regarding development of their new regulations and guides for commissioning.
Stakeholders from throughout the Building Commissioning value chain were represented at the workshop, including: 

  • Fire engineers

  • Hydraulic engineers

  • Commissioning experts

  • Mechanical engineers

  • Building certifiers

  • Building regulators

  • Builders

  • Property owners

  • Local council representatives

  • Technical managers from industry associations

The Incubator Program Manager, Eddie McGuire explained that the Incubator will only succeed with your help.  He went on to say, “Bring us your standards related needs and ideas, no matter how big or small, and let’s work through developing and prototyping a solution, together. The Incubator is all about collaboration.  We need ideas.  And we need champions to drive them.”

To contact the Incubator, email or to find out more please visit

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