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Draft European energy efficiency standard for historic buildings

This draft European Standard provides guidelines for improving the energy performance of historic buildings and reducing associated greenhouse gas emissions while respecting their heritage significance. The use of this standard is not limited to buildings with statutory heritage protection, but applies to historic buildings of all types and ages.

Objectives of the consultation

Historic buildings are the material manifestations of immovable tangible cultural heritage. They are of heritage significance to present and future generations. Heritage significance is a combination of all heritage values assigned to a building, including an aesthetic, historic, scientific, cultural, social or spiritual nature, which can include architectural, artistic, economic, social, symbolic and technological aspects. Historic buildings in the sense of this standard do not necessarily have to be statutorily designated as cultural heritage. Therefore this guidelines will be applicable to a wide range of buildings where special considerations are needed in order to find a sustainable balance between the use of the building, its energy performance and its conservation.

This draft European Standard is designed to be used by building owners, authorities and professionals involved in the conservation and refurbishment of historic buildings aiming at facilitating the sustainable management of these buildings by integrating measures for energy improvements and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions with the adequate conservation of the buildings. It presents a systematic approach to facilitate the best decisions in each individual case. It does not presuppose a need for energy improvements in all historic buildings.

This draft Standard presents a normative working procedure for selecting measures to improve energy performance, based on an investigation, analysis and documentation of the building and its heritage significance. The procedure assesses the impact of those measures in relation to preserving the character-defining elements of the building.

The consultation on this draft standard closed on 11 September 2015.

Supporting papers

To download the draft standard please follow the link below.

CIBSE response

CIBSE did not submit a response to this consultation as there were no significant comments from CIBSE Members.