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Working Towards a Dark Skies Standard

This brand new document from the UK Dark Skies Partnership seeks to improve sky quality by reducing unnecessary and inappropriate light pollution through effective behavioural change, education and promotion of environmentally sensitive lighting.

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The UK Dark Skies Partnership (UKDSP, is a collaborative forum of UK dark-sky places, including those with International Dark-Sky Association designations; relevant professional organisations; the Commission for Dark Skies; CPRE, the Countryside Charity; the Institution of Lighting Professionals and the Society of Light and Lighting. All support the work of the All Party Parliamentary Group of MPs for Dark Skies co-chaired by Andrew Griffith MP and the Astronomer Royal Lord Rees ( 

In developing a lighting guide to protect dark skies, the group hope to address local need to landscape impact.

Photo: Jordan Warne - Unsplash

The document provides advice for both domestic and non-domestic lighting. It aims to address three main points:

1. describes the mind-set of environmental/dark skies awareness when installing exterior lighting;
2. sets basic principles of lighting to a dark-sky standard;
3. signposts existing standards, guidance and advice where needed and appropriate.

Access Towards A Dark Sky Standard - A lighting guide to protect dark skies: from local need to landscape impact

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